"The Fight"

"The Fight"

"The Fight" by Richard Wright shows that sometimes we need to prove to people that we are not a coward and we won't take anything from anybody. In this story it shows that the narrator had a good easy morning without any problems and the classes seemed real simple and easy to keep up. The narrator was having anxiety;distress over being in a new school or uneasiness of the mind caused by fear of danger, him feeling like this is because he was wondering of how the boys were and would he get along with them just fine. The narrator felt like that "each new school meant a new life of area conquered". I personally agree with the narrator's statement because there is always gonna be somebody that is going to give me a hard time and try to show off in front of their friends.

The narrator reacts to the situation with toughness and tries to prove to all the boys that he is tough and he shouldn't be messed with. The narrator counters back and whatever the boy who is trying to bully him says like for an example; the boy told the narrator " you could tell you from Lincoln you is ugly." The narrator then told the boy " you is not cute either". The boy didn't like the fact of the narrator answering him back and making him look like a punk in front of his friends but the thing is the boy didn't do anything but talk. The boy's friends and the other boy's had instigated and pushed the boy into the narrator so the narrator had punched him in the face. All the boy's had considered the fight a tied all because the bell had rung so the boy had told the narrator that they will fight again. The narrator didn't really care anymore because he had proved to everybody that he wasn't no coward.

I agree with the way the narrator had reacted to the situation because when we go to a new school there is going to be kids that will try and test us to see if we are a punk and is scared to fight. If we make a choice to not fight back or not say anything and show them that we are scared there is a great chance that they are going to keep bullying you. The narrator had a chance to not say anything and just stay quiet but he knew that if he didn't he would have to pay the price to keep getting bullied and get picked on by other boys. The way I would have reacted if I was in that situation is about the same way the narrator did but I probably would have laughed in the girl's face at the same time only to see how she would react. If the girl would want to fight then I'm defitnely not going to back down.

The same situation has happened to me and to someone I know. The time it had happened to me I was also new to the school and the girl didn't like me just because her ex-boyfriend was talking to me. She didn't like the fact of him talking to me because she still had feelings for him but due to the fact that I was new I didn't know that they had went out. I also didn't like him in the first place because he seemed like a player and the type to cheat on you but one thing for sure we became good friends. The girl had gotten real jealous so she came up to me with that I like her man and that I have no right to be flirting with him, she didn't believe me when I told her that we were just friends. She gotten real mad because she thought I was denying it and had started talking about my mother so I would also counter back what she was saying just like the narrator did. The only difference was that I hit her right after she called my mother a hoe and a slut I got tired so I decided to hit her but she had only hit me once. I would have gotten suspended but there was mad people around and they had said that she started it first.

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